Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you. If you need further assistance e-mail us.


What does eldJournal mean?

It means electrical design journal.


Who wrote eldJournal?

Leon Gander wrote eldJournal. He is a Professional Engineer with more than 40 years experience in electrical design for buildings. See more at the Author Page.


Sounds like you are from Canada eh? Is eldJournal applicable in the United States?

Yes.eldJournal is specifically designed and written to be used by people in both Canada and the USA. Keep in mind that the process of electrical design for buildings is the same regardless of which country in the world you are in. There are some differences, but they are minor in the overall scheme of things. People in the US perform electrical designs for buildings in Canada and vice versa. The slight difference that may exist in design between countries is not magic. If you understand the principles you can work anywhere.


Is eldJournal easy?
It is easy to understand and as the series progresses it takes you through logical easy steps.


What is in it for me if I subscribe to eldJournal?
If you are a motivated person you will be able to do some electrical design. What you can do with that capability is up to you.


Do I get continuing education credits for studying eldJournal?
No, but you get information about electrical design and reality in construction. Such knowledge may get you a pay raise or lead to a better job if you apply what you learn.


Wow! eldJournal sounds great! I am enrolled in a community college course. Should I quit the course and just read eldJournal?

Do not quit your course, use eldJournal  to supplement it. eldJournal fills the large gaps between courses given in the community and what is important for electrical design for systems in buildings. In a nutshell if you embark on the eldJournal series you will probably be motivated to better yourself.


How is eldJournal sold?

eldJournal is sold as a series in PDF format and is delivered electronically. (Volume 1 has 23 issues, two of which are free).It is recommended that you subscribe from the start of the series as eldJournal is written in sequence. Individual issues may reference material in earlier issues.


I am unable to buy the whole series at once. How does shipping and payment work for eldJournal?

eldJournal  is delivered electronically in pdf format and the first two issues are free. Try the first two issues and if you like them, then buy the remainder one at a time.


What is the cost of eldJournal?

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I am not in the USA or Canada. Is eldJournal applicable?
Yes it is applicable, but the references to voltages and what some electrical components are called, may be different where you are. Design aspects are the same. You should be able to make it work for you.


How long is eldJournal good for?

eldJournal is a resource and some parts will date slowly but a good part of the design process has not changed since the author has been doing it; 1969.