If you are a DRAFTER in an electrical consulting or other similar type of business and you want to learn to design and earn more, then eldJournal is for you.


If you are a JUNIOR DESIGNER in an electrical consulting business and you want to improve your design capability and earn more, then eldJournal is for you.


If you are a PARTICIPANT IN THE ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY and you want to learn how to perform electrical design or learn how it is done, then eldJournal is for you. 

You do not have to be a Professional Engineer to perform electrical design for buildings. (You may have to be a Professional Engineer to operate a consulting practice, but that is not the point). Anybody motivated and with a grade 12 education can learn to be an electrical designer. You do not have to be a graduate of any electrical program of a post-secondary college.


Regardless of your post-secondary experience if you make use of eldJournal and apply what you learn you can succeed. In just a matter of a few weeks longer you can be doing the same electrical design as electrical program graduates who work through eldJournal.


It helps your employability if you can draft in a preferred-in-the-industry drafting program. But if you want to work through eldJournal for other reasons, then drafting is not a requirement. 


Without focused knowledge and training designers are slow to develop and become accomplished. This focused training needs to be specific to the tasks required in electrical design for buildings. If you want fast results from training you will need help. eldJournal is that help. 


By working through the eldJournal series it is estimated that in under 12 months someone motivated and without prior electrical knowledge, can be doing some electrical design. With prior electrical knowledge the time will be shorter.

eldJournal does not exclude the need for a person that wants to be a designer, to attend supplementary lighting classes that are run by local chapters of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) or on the internet. Nor does it rule out the need to attend local electrical code courses. Such code courses are usually of short duration and offered in the community or on the internet.


eldJournal is available in a series in pdf format and is delivered electronically. There are 23 issues in volume 1. The first two issues are free.


It is recommended that you subscribe from the start of the series as eldJournal is written in sequence. You can pay for one at a time. We will send your new eldJournal when your payment is received. Payments are non-refundable.