My name is Leon Gander and I am writing eldJournal to document the process of electrical design for buildings. There is a certain amount of mystery associated with design of electrical systems for buildings but eldJournal changes that.  


In 1971 I came from Australia to Vancouver BC, Canada. I graduated from the University of New South Wales in Sydney in 1968. Since then I have worked in the design of electrical systems for buildings. I am a registered Professional Engineer in BC and have had my own consulting engineering practice in Vancouver since 1980. I am writing eldJournal because I am knowledgeable and passionate about younger people having the chance to learn and work in the rewarding field of building construction. eldJournal is a reflection of my knowledge and experience and includes construction industry insider information that in some cases takes years to accumulate.


eldJournal  volume 1 is a value-priced introductory series in a 23-issue set that is in a sequence format. This series will be valued as a resource by both novice and experienced electrical designers.