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This is the site where KNOWLEDGE is power; knowledge that can be acquired will provide the power to achieve. Achieve what?  As an individual draftsperson, earn more. As an employer of electrical draftspersons, be more productive.

What is eldjournal? The name is a shortened version of electrical design journal and is a design resource that is a series of publications that explains the process of electrical design for buildings.


eldJournal shares the KNOWLEDGE of the author, who is a Professional Engineer and for over 40 years has been in the business of electrical design-consulting for buildings.


Anyone with motivation and at least a grade 12 education can share this knowledge as it is written in plain language.


Is there a need for eldJournal? Absolutely!

  • There is a need because good electrical designers are in demand and are hard to find.
  • Those people actively working in design are always busy. There is little time for in-house training. eldJournal is training.
  • Some people in design tend to keep their knowledge to themselves. eldJournal shares knowledge.
  • eldJournal condenses the process of learning electrical design for buildings from years to months.
  • In under a year anyone reading and understanding eldJournal can perform basic lighting and power systems designs.


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